10 Moments Make-up Lovers Hate

Makeup is an art, which helps you ace a new look everyday. But some people don’t understand it. 😉

Here are 10 moments all make-up lovers hate.

  1. When someone ditches you on a date

    You don’t care about the person, you just hate them for wasting your make-up. After all it was a date and you finally aced that perfect makeup look for a date.

  • When your friends cancel the outing

    When someone cancels an outing after you are done with your makeup, you just hate it. Sometimes you try to make another plan or go alone for the outing.

  • When people think you put on makeup to hide your real self

    “No, I put on makeup because I love how I can transition myself everyday into a new look and new colors. I do love myself even when I don’t have makeup on”

  • When people hate you for taking time to make up

    “Better late than ugly”. You hate it when people don’t understand that makeup is an art and ask you to be quick.

  • When people think you are trying to impress someone

    “If there has to be someone, it’s me”. There can be no one else than yourself who can make you do it. 😀

  • When a product you want is not available

    When you finally decide the shade you want and it’s out of stock.

  • When you have to hold your emotions

    When you really wanna cry, but can’t because it will ruin your mascara or that perfect contour you have on.

  • When you have no pictures of your last make-up look

    You wanna cry, the moment you realize that you forgot to take pictures last night or just lost them

  • When you receive products in bad shape

    😦 When you finally order that beautiful eye-shadow palette or highlighter and you receive it broken, you feel a heart-break.

  • When people say you don’t need all that makeup

    “Yes, I know.. I don’t need it, I want it. I have it”.

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