Blemish & Acne Scars Removal Face Packs – Tested

If you are struggling with blemishes and acne scars on your face, then these 2 face packs can be your saviors. These face packs have anti bacterial properties which will reduce occurance of pimples and natural exfoliants which will help in skin renewal. I have used them and it really works.

Turmeric – 1/4th spoon
Whole Milk – 2 spoons
Lemon juice – juice half a lemon


Take whole milk and mix it with turmeric powder and lemon juice. Even if you don’t mix the exact quantities , its fine but don’t put excess of turmeric otherwise you might end up staining your face. Keep this pack on for 15 minutes , let it dry and then wash wish hot water and then cold water to close your pours.
This pack has lemon and honey which gives your skin moisture ,removes tan, remove scars and it also has antibacterial properties. This face pack is useful to remove acne scars.

Tip: If you don’t want to go for a face pack, no worries ladies.. just apply lemon juice to your face everyday and you will see visible results in 10 days.
Don’t put oil with turmeric, it makes it harder to remove the turmeric from the skin.

As using lemon makes skin sensitive to sunlight, don’t forget to put sunscreen when you go out. 🙂

Coffee scrub for your face

Coffee powder/ Coffee grounds – 2 spoons
Natural oil (olive/almond/coconut) – 1 spoon
Brown sugar – 1 spoon


Mix coffee and sugar granules with oil very well. Clean your face, apply this pack on damp face and start scrubbing in circular motions gently. After scrubbing for 3-4 minutes, let it stay on the skin for 2 more minutes. Wash it with warm water and you will have a soft radiant skin..
This pack will help you prevent sun damage,heal the skin and add moisture to it.

Tip: You may even use white sugar if you don’t have brown sugar available. Also, you can add honey if you want.

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