Truth isn’t bitter. Truth triggers you.

The fact is, no one ever said to me that I am too blunt or anything I just know it because I am a psychic.

I am a Lightworker and every lightworker has a unique life purpose. One of my spiritual gifts is authenticity, that’s the uniqueness I got as a lightworker. Spirit chooses Lightworkers and engraves light codes in their souls. My soul is engraved with authenticity, because spirit wanted it to be that way. My soul desires to speak the truth with authenticity, this desire is put inside my soul by the divine powers itself, it’s spirit’s own desire.

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Spirit uses me to send this truth to you, through me. Now when I have come this far on my spiritual journey and in touch with spirit, spirit’s desires are my desires. I am just an instrument now.

Anyways when I used to be scared and try to say the truth indirectly, it didn’t change much, people were still triggered and abused me. I would better be my authentic self if the result is always going to be the same.

Truth hits your soul. Truth triggers you. Truth shatters your illusions. Truth remains the same, no matter how it’s said, with anger or calm, with aggression or with grace, in wars or in peace. What I share is Spiritual truth, divine truth. It’s not your truth or my truth, it’s universal. It’s going to trigger you if you are not in touch with the truth. You don’t like it because it triggers you to do shadow work. That’s exactly spirit wants to achieve, to help your soul grow. Your ego does not like it, because it triggers you. But your soul has been waiting to be triggered, so that it can heal and grow and move towards awakening.

Spiritual awakening is all about seeing truth beyond all your illusions. So if you seek spiritual awakening, first you must be a truth seeker. Your soul wants to be one with the source, one with the truth. It wants the truth to be heard, seen and touched.

What I am doing, may not have been done before, but that’s exactly what spirit wants me to do. To create my own path, following my own calling.

I want us to change the vocabulary here. Truth isn’t blunt, sharp or forceful, it’s just plain without any sugarcoating. It’s just the truth.

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Sharing my experience with mother Gaia

Sharing my experience with mother Gaia.

Yesterday when I was doing cord-cutting, I decided to it for more people.

Sometimes what people do to you, is not forgivable, there’s no spiritual bypassing for that. Suppose someone does a crime, how can you justify, that it had a purpose? So those kind of things are only to forget and let go, some things are so shitty that it can’t be healed, it does not come in the criteria of healing. So that kind of things you just need to let go, you should not try to pick your wounds again and again by trying to heal it, when there is nothing to heal.

So I tried to do the same, one single person who I could not forgive but just let go. Cutting cords was getting painful and there were too many cords.

I have mastered meditation now, so with the cord-cutting meditation, I had called in on all my spirit guides and mother Gaia as well. I did a combination of white light meditation as well as grounding meditation. So mother Gaia was present. I did set an intention to not include her in cord-cutting, but they always care for us.

When I was feeling hurt because of the cord-cutting, mother Gaia held me in her arms and calmed me down and gave me strength. I could finally complete the cord-cutting. I kept thanking her and archangel Michael the whole day.

Mother Gaia’s energy is so loving, motherly and comforting to your soul. Monther is nothing but mother mature, all Empaths are in touch with her. This interaction with her made me realise I am an Earth angle too. All divine energies keep showing themselves to me one by one to make me believe in them, myself and my life. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days. It is also related to the Lionsgate portal, this time brings such angelic experiences for starseeds specially Sirians. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days.

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Haters, I made it !!

Able to see the silver linings now. Believe in God!!!

First time I was abused, I thought it’s my fault. The second time I was abused I was confused. The third time I was abused I knew I am different.

By the third time, my psychic abilities started growing because spirit/God wanted to protect me. I learnt enough psychology too, to understand that it’s not my mistake. They are predators. I was told I am good at nothing, but I knew there must be something special about me.

I was told it’s my fault that I get abused every time, I knew it’s for a bigger reason. I have been trained to lead, to make the right choice and stand for it, in such hostile environments, that I can face anything now. It made me a warrior.

I learnt to never let anyone tell me who I am, coz I know who I am. I want to help people who suffer the same things that I did.

This time I don’t mind if someone copies me. Alone I could make only a few 10 warriors, but together we can make 100’s of them. Those who will not let anyone abuse their power, those who will stand for the right thing. Those who will be the change to create a new world.

I am not scared to say such big words because my vision is this big and it’s not going to change.

God is there and I believe in it. I have faith that nothing or no one can break. It made me who I am so that I can do what I am meant to do. They tried to ruin my career, now they will see a new career is born out of that.

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Appreciation from the Universe

It takes a selfless person to do all the healing work. So if you are doing it, appreciation from the universe for you.

It takes a lot of dedication to work on all the wounds, some of which are not your own, they come from society, your environment, your ancestors.

Self-love involves healing, because when you heal you create such good karma for yourself and all the generations that are going to come after you. When you heal yourself, you present authenticity to your connections, you give them true unconditional love.

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Who am I?

I have been working on myself very hard for 3 years now and I feel it’s time to open up. I have been writing in a lot of posts that I know who I am. It’s going to be a big post but starting is more important.

I am an EMPATH. Empath is a personality type, it’s not a psychological problem, it’s actually how a person’s body and mind is structured to the level of DNA and neurons. We have heightened level of empathy, we can feel other people’s emotions in our body as of our own. Feeling other’s energies introduces sensitivity to sound, big crowdy places, heat, negative people, any kind of violence and toxic environments. It also comes with a gift of creativity and capability to heal myself and others.

I am not an exception, I know and have connected with so many creative people and youtubers who are also are also empaths. I here most of them saying that it’s just that an empath is different, but I see it as being extra ordinary (because I feel it’s time to introduce the Highly sensitives in this world as powerful and not weak). All empaths are very kind, never want to do anything wrong. Empaths are kind, generous, giving, caring but sometimes they do it at the cost of their own happiness.

Most of the empaths have strong intuition in childhood, growing up they learn to fit in the society and suppress their intuition and creativity as well. Sometimes we grow up feeling odd one out and with self-doubt of being crazy. Because we don’t know that the emotions that we feel are other people’s. Feeling anger, criticism, anxiety of everyone around is messy.

It’s very important for Empaths to be aware of what they are. Otherwise they spend most of their life in a limbo, in nihilism. We attract abusers, bullies and energy vampires because we are able to generate our own energy and we have a light because of our goodness. Our light is what attracts more abuse, being sensitive increases the affect of abuse on an empath than on any other type of person.

I have been working on myself and learnt a lot of things about myself. When empath are educated they are more powerful, strong and abuse-free. I have started becoming an empowered empath and rather than being scared of other people’s energies, now I enjoy being me.

Self love is the only thing which saves every empath from a lot of things. It makes us empowered and in control of our emotions. Not only I practice self-love, but it has also become my essence now.

I don’t see being sensitive as a flaw, it makes me different. I feel sensitive to nature, animals, children and people in need and want to help them. Which I don’t thing is a negative quality. My sensitivity brings me so many blessings.

I was waiting for the right time to share this with people, because I needed to be in an empowered state before sharing it. I know there is a chance of people reacting negatively to this. But now I am ready to deal with it.

I have also been going through an spiritual awakening since the time a completely accepted that I am an empath. First it was like an emotional awakening, when I remembered my deep self that I have been hiding. I learnt to love myself, to admire my own uniqueness, to appreciate myself for coming out strong through so many things. Then suddenly all my unconscious fears started coming up, I learnt that it is the “dark knight of the soul” phase that I am going through. Where all my qualities that were suppressed and all the fears that were introduced to me by my surroundings/society. After working on most of them and the big fears, I started blossoming and being happy. It was a feeling of bliss which I had never experienced.

Next I found myself changing psychologically, creatively and in every aspect of my life. Now I just be myself and get in flow with life. It’s like I am blossoming, and sometimes it gets scary because it’s new to me. But it’s still an expansion for me. I am becoming what I was meant to be and I am happy about it.

I am still a work in progress and still do get more realisations every now and then. I still have a lot to explore about myself and life. Sharing my journey with the world is also a part of loving myself unconditionally and fearlessly.

Thanks for bearing through this long post.

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