If you want to empower someone, read this!!

Do you want to empower people for your own sake or because it’s your heart’s calling? Do it right.

When I say I want to empower others, I believe that they have the power within, it just needs to come to the surface. I don’t want to mentor anyone to make them dependent on me, but to make them a warrior, who can fight for herself/himself, without my help.

Everyone has great powers with them, no one is weak or anyone’s slave.

In a way, some people try to project it on the whole world that everyone else except them is weak. This is not people-pleasing, it’s because they feel weak inside and they are running away from their own truth so they project it outwards. Ultimately, they end up projecting it onto others that they are weak, instead of empowering them.

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Shadow Self & Self Acceptance

The shadow is about what parts you have rejected of yourself, when you were told by someone else, your environment and your society that it’s not good to be different, strong or opinionated. It’s just about your rejected characteristics, you decided to keep them in a box inside you but never use them. And possibly, all characteristics out of those were not as bad as someone told you, just to keep you suppressed and in control.

When you integrate your shadow-self back within you, after that there’s no shadow anymore, it all becomes you. You can love all parts of yourself and not be afraid of anyone’s disapproval. You just need to accept yourself, let everyone else do there bid. You love yourself completely, regardless!!. Shadow work is not only about integrating your rejected parts back, but also about looking at your own wounds, accepting them and healing. When you work on your wounds, you also get to see all of your subconscious fears and insecurities. So shadow work is a lot more than anyone can think, it’s the ultimate self-development.

Dark Night of the soul and shadow work come hand in hand. When your soul hits the dark night, you cannot run away from shadow work anymore. It makes you question everything, everything that social conditioning taught you. The journey is painful, but after going through it, you can experience ultimate fulfilment.

Self-acceptance is a must for self-love. And when you accept your shadow also as your own SELF, you become an empowered individual.

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How to deal with Depression

When someone is in depression, the first thing they need to do is get their physical health in good condition. Physical and mental health are related to each other. Here I want to talk about some common things, adding negative effects of alcohol and the importance of going for the therapy.

  1. You need to leave any type of alcohol, drugs or addictions.
  2. Have a healthy sleep pattern, listen to calming music.
  3. Start exercising, meditating, meditation can also help you with grief.
  4. Avoid unhealthy eating habits like too much sugar, too much oil. Hormones which affect feelings of happiness and sadness, go into balance because of depression, and when you don’t eat right it further increases the problem. You can start having an issue like diabetes, thyroid, which further causes hormonal imbalances and that’s how depression becomes a difficult ailment to deal with.
  5. Make a gratitude list every day, this helps you stop feeling as if life’s no good.
  6. Have daily positive affirmations about yourself.
  7. Talk to a friend, share your issues with your family. I know some people are actually insensitive enough to not understand your condition and that’s what scares you. But it doesn’t mean there are no people who know what listening to shame means. Learn to talk to the right people about your problems.
  8. Journaling, write down your thoughts every day. Once it’s out on paper, it’s out of your mind too. You don’t have to think the same thing over and over again.
  9. Get fresh air, travel, take a vacation for yourself, sometimes watch refreshing movies, relax.
  10. Have some hobbies to keep yourself busy and relaxed, or do something you love to make yourself happy.
  11. Focus on self-care and self-love.
  12. When you are in depression, you can lose a sense of boundaries, some people become exploitative and some become suppressed. So have a clear mind about what behaviours you want to have and what behaviours you don’t.
  13. Get a regular health check if possible, sometimes multivitamins can help. When I started changing my eating habits, my body was resisting so having multivitamins only for 20 days helped me a lot. I could feel the difference in my health.
  14. Don’t try to escape your problems, with too much work, too much alcohol, too much gaming, too much dating, too many movies, too many desserts, toxic positivity etc.
  15. Last but not least, get a therapist. Therapy really helps you identify your issues and work through them. A listening counsellor can actually help you with your shadow work. You do not need to worry about how they will treat you, it’s a therapist’s job to make you feel comfortable to talk about your problems. They do it gradually over sessions, slowly trying to help you see your problems, just like peeling layers of an Onion, one by one.

In psychology, there is a term “transference”. When you talk to a therapist, even surround yourself with wise people. You learn emotionally healthy behaviours, setting boundaries and decision making through how they deal with their problems. That’s why getting therapy always works. You learn a lot of rational thinking behaviours from your therapist too. Choose a good therapist, you can easily search online and find a therapist with good ratings. A right therapist will try their best to not put you on unnecessary medicines.

Some people are unaware but depressed for their whole life, because they were never taught – how to regulate their emotions and thoughts. May be these facts will help you understand the importance of having good emotional intelligence.

P.S. I was dealing with depression myself, till a few months back. And I tried to share everything that I learnt with my depression. Please give it a read and share across. If not you, someone around you could be dealing with it. Awareness is all it takes.

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Who are spirit guides?

First things first. They are not ghosts.
They are people, old souls, who have chosen to take a break from incarnating in a body. They live in a dimension where they are supposed to live.

In soul form they are very authentic, so sometimes in their messages, they can sound very sassy. They don’t like to spoon-feed you, they wait for you to learn lessons on your own, give you slight hints whenever they feel required. They guide you when you are going through big transformational changes in life, and there is probably no-one who can help you understand what’s going on with you. That’s when they want to jump in and help.

Starseeds have a difficult time here, trying to understand humans, trying to accommodate a higher dimension soul into a rigid human body is difficult, so that’s why they guide the way.

When starseeds are given the job to come here, some spirit guides also join as a team. Starseeds are souls who come from a higher dimension(5D) to help humanity on this planet (3D). They are original Lightworkers.

Everyone has spirit guides, they can be your ancestors, deceased loved ones/pets, soulmates, twin-flame, archangels, angels, goddess energies, earth elementals, fairies or even spirit animals. The thing is how open you are to connect with them. When you raise your consciousness, have faith in faith, surrender to surrender. That’s when you are able to connect with them.

Some spirit guides are with you for whole life, some temporary.

Around my spiritual awakening, I started getting interest in Tarot readings, they wanted to help me and guide me through the heavy and fast changes I was going through. It just started showing up on my YouTube timeline and every reading helped me understand what’s going on with me. I thought it’s the tarot reader who is helping, but actually, my spirit guides tried to send me messages through tarot.

In the last 2 months, I have been able to meditate a lot & healed myself. I have developed a bond with them finally the communication is becoming clearer. I have learnt to understand how psychic abilities work for me.

It’s a vast topic, but I tried to explain it in brief. I offer tarot readings, where my spirit guides help me. I use my psychic abilities to give you advice on what to do about your current situation. You can buy tarot readings from me in my Etsy shop or you can DM me on Instagram. I will link it here down below.

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How do you know if you are energy sensitive?

This one just hit me. It took me a long time to learn that I am sensitive to energies. When I accepted this, it led me to accept that I am an Empath.

I was just writing my diary and feeling exhausted after interacting with other people. Whenever this happens I observe myself if it’s because of other’s energies. I thought of sharing this on my blog because it takes a lot of time (years) to learn how your body responds to energies.

If you are interacting with someone, you are in harmony with, it’s not going to make much difference, but only make you happier. This is why everyone prefers to have positive people in their life.

Next comes when you interact with lower energy/vibration people, it drains your energy too. So for a few hours even after the interaction, I can feel dull, it also gives me slight pain in my lower back, which is not my bones, but a feeling of a muscle tear. That is what happens when you absorb others’ lower energies.

Next level is a psychic attack/energy attack. Don’t take this as some voodoo stuff, it’s very common for empaths. Suppose if you are in a troubling relationship with a toxic person, going through a rough phase, most of the time both people are thinking about each other, so this creates an energetic cord if some negative energy is coming highly directed towards you. You are going to feel it. It feels like a pain in the back area, sometimes up to the neck.

For clearing your energy, you can reduce interactions with negative people, meditate, relaxing music, have healthy foods to keep you in good energy. You can also take relaxing hot water baths, use sage smudging sticks, go outside and have a walk. Walk barefoot on the grass and ground yourself. One simple way is to say, “it’s you energy, not mine”, to detach. Do a 5-minute mediation in the morning to protect yourself with a bubble of white light.

This is why it gets exhausting for empaths to work in toxic environments. If it’s regular, it starts affecting their eating & sleeping habits. Productivity, mental, emotional and physical health.

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The Secret Key to work on your Fears

I still remember the day when everyone voted for this topic on Instagram. And since I always pick up energies, I could feel the underlying energy around it. Which was a feeling of “there has to be some big secret to work on your fears”. I kept thinking, trying to figure out that one thing and never found anything. Then I was facing one more fear of mine which made me think again.

The truth is there’s no secret key to it. It’s simple. You just need to face your fears, head-on.

Now how do we learn to face our fears?

First, you need to become more conscious of yourself. When you raise your self-awareness and self-reflection, you are able to navigate all your emotions in a better way. If there is a subconscious fear that is making you act a certain way, now you will be able to notice it. Whereas earlier you won’t even realise why you have certain behavioural patterns.

Sometimes it can be a drastic situation or abuse, which brings those issues up to surface anyways, even when you don’t want it. But once you are able to acknowledge a fear you will be able to work on it.

When you know what type of fear you are facing, you need to be your own friend pat yourself on the back and encourage yourself that you can do it. The first time you are going to do feeling scared. The second time you would know that you can conquer it. Next time you will see the fear will be gone.

Whatever it is, that you are scared of, do it, do it anyway. For everything, what will happen if you fail, what people would say. Just do what you want to do. Life is all about living right!!

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Take responsibility for your own happiness

This one is such a gem. When you learn this one, day by day and then after practice you finally know the difference.

Irrespective of the situation be whatever it is, you take care of your own happiness.Irrespective of whatever problems going on.. you own your mental, psychological & emotional space. And you allow noone into that space to create a mess.

Remember when Maya Angelou says -“keep a place in your heart, that is pristine and clean no matter what, that nobody can touch” and Oprah agrees to it as the best advice she has ever got.

Own Your Happiness and never depend on anyone for it. You are your own source of light, love, peace, hope and happiness. Oh and don’t try to take responsibility to make everyone happy, only yourself.#own your happiness and own your life.

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Healthy Weight Loss Smoothies to get rid of Belly Fat

If you really want to loss weight but in healthier way, then these smoothies are going to be you saviors. Whether it is made of mixed fruits and veggies or individual like beetroot, spinach .. I bet they are going be your go to recipes for weight loss.You can include them in breakfast or after workout.

Beet juice

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