Never lose yourself for others

Sometimes for love, for approval, for the opinions of people, we try to change ourselves. We feel we need to adjust with others and change ourselves but how much?

Have you realised what it feels to be someone who you are not. It just takes the life out of you. The price that you pay is more than anything. Be self-aware.

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You are different and that’s the fun part about you

Don’t try to fit in. If you are at a different level of being then most of society tell us. It’s actually better. Never sabotage yourself to become like everyone else.

If people be like ‘ what does she think of herself’. Just because you know your self-worth. It’s not your fault. Never stop being yourself for anyone’s opinion.

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Let your light shine

Inspired by Lisa Nicols.

When you start shining in your authenticity. Some people start to admire you, but some people try to steal your shine. Like they try to paint the bulb black so it’s 70 Watts shine reduces to 40 Watts shine. But what if you keep turning it up to 100W then 200W. They are going to be like “oh, it’s too bright, it’s too bright, turn it down”. But when you don’t turn it down, they change their way.

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Poem – Get Ready

I am not asking the world for permission to shine my light anymore. I be my authentic self and I shine as I breathe.

I always knew that I had it in me, but I was trying to hide it thinking that the world won’t be able to accept me for being my true self, because of somethings. But now I am ready to be my authentic self and shine. I am not scared of being me and I am tired of settling in.

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