Reds Abstract Painting – Acrylics

New one with knife painting technique.

No filter, picture 1 got better lighting.

I tried abstract painting this time, this one only took 1 hour 40 minutes from taking out colors, taping canvas, gesso coating to actually paint it. My painting game is improving now.

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Moon & Stars – Acrylic Painting

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Rainbow Colours – Acrylic Painting

Simple rainbow-like Colors with palette knife on a mini canvas. The rainbow-like Colors remind me of 7 qualities of a soul.

V  I  B  G  Y  O  R
Violet/Purple = Bliss
Indigo = knowledge
Light Blue = Peace
Green = Love
Yellow = Joy
Orange =Purity
Red = Power

Acrylic colours – @camlin_official kakuyo artist colours set, @camlin_official camel Fabrica acrylic colours

Canvas and brushes – @littlebirdiecrafts open canvas sheets, artist brushes

Pallete knife set – @okayjisales

All shopped from @itsybitsycraftstore and @amazon. This time I used @camlin_official Artist Gesso as a base and not just white acrylic. It really makes a difference. I even used scotch tape to keep the canvas sturdy while painting and finally a coating of varnish gloss to keep the colours intact for a long time.

Trying to learn a lot from other artists on YouTube, I want to be a Pro.
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Bob Ross’s A Joy of Painting

Added my little flowers to the Bob Ross painting. I am sure he would be glad at this “happy accident and not a mistake”.

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Watercolor – colour tharepy

🌈 Colour therapy for you

Tried making Watercolor Bookmarks, ended up making these. Realising that I need to improve my writing (I mean letters), thinking of learning calligraphy or to digitally add my quotes on these.

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Don’t Betray Yourself

There’s this thing called self-deception, which means self-betrayal.

Some people are going to betray you, sometimes life is going to betray you. But when you start betraying yourself, you also betray people who truly care for you. This brings hell lot of betrayal, so always be careful to not betray yourself.

To betray yourself means to not listen to your own intuition, to self-sabotage and to not let yourself move towards happiness, to give yourself excuses to stay in toxic situations with wrong people. Basically, you remove yourself from moving towards your own true happiness.

Always be true to yourself, that makes your soul happy. It’s your choice if you want to sacrifice or not, but always know the right reason why you are doing it. Because it may not take long until you realise your mistake.

When you love yourself completely, you are always ready to take a leap of faith towards your own happiness. This is a part of self-love to be truly authentic and true to yourself.

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13 GIFs That Perfectly Describe The Types Of Roommates in Girls’ Hostel

There are so many different kinds of girls in this world. This post will make you relate to at least one roommate of yours. I have lived in hostels for last 9 years and this is my experience.
  1. One who always needs more shopping

    Every time she looks into their cupboard, she says this

    prettysmarttechie_blog_I have nothing to wear.gif
  • The One with OCD syndrome

    There are people who cannot live everything around them is not cleaned and organised. If you have this kind of roommate, then you are lucky. Your room is always going to be clean. 😉

  • The Borrower

    She can borrow anything and everything from you and never stop.

  • The Thief

    Your stuff keeps disappearing and you have a doubt in her.

    prettysmarttechie_blog_The Steal.gif
  • The Cool one

    Cool girls are the best roommates one can have. They don’t mind anything you do.

    prettysmarttechie_blog_I am Cool
  • The Party Animal

    The one who loves to drink and dance. There is not going to be single weekend without a party.

  • The Chatter Box

    Sometimes talkative girls are so hard to handle but there are more advantages, you are never going to feel lonely.

  • The Obsessed one

    She is so obsessed with you that she follows your style, makeup, your schedule everything. Sometimes, she just wants to become like you.

  • The Perfect Match

    When you find out your roommate is just like you. If you two can literally communicate with even a blink, then you have found your perfect match.

    prettysmarttechie_blog_Perfect_Match (2).gif
  • The Needy one

  • The Hold + Explode one

  • The Makeup Addict

    She is always dolled up, never goes out without makeup. Sometimes you wonder how would she look like without makeup. prettysmarttechie_blog_Makeup_Addict
  • The Confident Bitch

    Not in the bad sense, but a bad bitch is someone who ain’t got time for shit. She lives drama free and always follows her heart. You cannot make her do what she doesn’t want to do. This kind of girls are so fun. I am thinking to add my own GIF for this one 😉, as I am becoming a bitch. But I guess Rihanna is perfect for it. Yo.. source
All GIF’s are taken from http://www.giphy
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