Entrepreneurs, don’t let anyone treat you like garbage, you are the damn CEo of your own business

It took me some time to understand how people take entrepreneurs. Yes, I’m still building a foundation for my business and it is all about service. But it’s a service to humanity and God, not some egotistical person who tries to think that he is my boss coz he is paying me. I have a skill, which will help you.

Everyone saw how that guy was criticising for me shutting him down, as if he is the only person who can give a review ( that too without taking any services). I have been doing energy cleansing every day and that keeps my mind peaceful, so that day I read his message again by the evening.

He literally gave feedback like he is thrashing some customer care person. No offence to this profession, they make our life easy, actually, this guy doesn’t respect anyone who is a helper or providing any kind of service. Someone working at a 9 to 5 can have a fear of losing their job but definitely not an entrepreneur. Our first step started by taking a risk. I definitely started it to have power over everything I do.

Feedbacks affect our work, but if you know most of your clients are happy, you don’t need to give a damn about these people who try to make themselves feel significant by thrashing someone.

So entrepreneurs, value your own work and don’t let anyone put you down. You aren’t only customer support, but also the leader, manager, planner, creator, executer, also the boss.

So whichever way you like to think about me, in my own eyes I am always the CEO of my own company, and here we don’t tolerate BS.

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