18 Gifts for your Mom to make her feel Special

Have you ever thought of doing something special for you mom. I know Mom’s love is unconditional. Even if you don’t buy her gifts or if you buy anything random, she is gonna love it. But, let’s think of doing something special for our mom, let’s make her feel special. You can do this any day of the year not only on her birthday, mother’s day, Christmas or Diwali.

So, have you decided what to gift her! Don’t worry, we know how difficult it is to choose gifts and so I am here to help you 🙂

  1. A Designer Saree

    If this is the first time you are going to gift her something, then this is the best choice. Ladies, we all know how much we all love beautiful sarees. And if you are a guy, reading this and thinking you might not be able to choose a saree, you can take help from your female friends. There is a huge range of designer sarees available online. You can buy from Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon, Craftsvilla etc.

  • A Foot Massage

    Guys, our moms get so busy that they forget to take care of themselves. She will never say but her schedule does hurt her feet so much. A foot massage is something that will help her relax. She will get to know how much you care for her.

  • A Day at Spa

    Buy her some vouchers from Groupon (now nearbuy), little app etc. Gift her a day a spa or parlor and she is going to love it. Be ready to see your mom glow and happy after the spa.

  • A New Hairstyle

    If your mom is someone who loves to try out new trends, color her hair or even if she hasn’t changed her hairstyle since ages. This is the perfect gift for her. Take her to the best salon in town and help her choosing a new hair style. Trust me, she is gonna love it.

  • A Tablet

    If your mom is a working woman and spends a lot of time online, then buy her a new tablet. Be it an iPad, a yoga tablet or any other sort of tablet. This gift is going to help in her work. She can also Skype you anytime whenever she wants.

  • Luxury Beauty Products

    What else can be a better gift for a woman!! You can buy her a lipstick, a make up palette, an anti aging cream, a foot cream or an expensive skin treatment kit. This kind of stuff is also available online at Nykaa, purplle, flipkart, Amazon and jabong.

  • A Perfume

    Buying a perfume for you mom is a good option. Again, you can buy it online. Try purplle.com, if you are scared of getting fake products. They have a good return policy for perfumes. 😉
    I would suggest buying from Victoria’s secrets, Calvin Klein, Marks&Spencer, The Body Shop and ZARA as these will suit your budget too.
    Here’s a tip – Don’t just go and buy any random fragrance, first make sure you know what kind of fragrance she likes. Don’t go for citrus scent if she likes sweet ones.

  • Help Her Peruse Her Hobby

    Have you seen the Amazon.in advertisement #MomBeAGirlAgain. Yes, that ad is so touchy and we all wish to do something like that for her. You can buy her some equipment or send her to a workshop where she can enhance her talent.

  • A New Outfit

    If you miss how your mom used to try all different types of outfits in your childhood and now she sticks to one kind of outfit. Then you should buy her a set of flared pants and fusion kurta, a pair of jeans, an evening gown or anything that you miss. This will make her reconnect with herself. Let her be a girl again 🙂

  • A dinner with her

    Instead of buying something for her, give her time. As we grow up, it becomes difficult to have family time. Of course, she misses spending time with you. Take her out for a dinner where you and your mom can sit and talk.

  • A Trip

    Gift her an all expenses sponsored trip. It can be a trip with yourself or with your dad, can even be a solo trip. Travelling is an essential part of life. Let her unwind, relax and forget all worries. Trust me after the trip you will so many positive changes in you mom.

  • A Subscription Box

    First let me tell you what a subscription box is. There are a lot of websites which sell subscription services. They make boxes containing 4-5 beauty products, make up products, jewelry pieces, leisure items based on a theme. They give you personalized selection of products according to your questionnaire. So, if you’re a guy wondering what to buy then this is the solution. Make your mom select her products after you pay. I would suggest a fab bag, bling bag, glo box or sugar box.

  • A Day Off – Hotel Stay

    Who doesn’t love a day off. So, either help her doing everyday chores at home or gift her a hotel stay where she can have her lazy time and relax. Choose a place which is surrounded by nature, nice weather and isolated from the city.

  • A Stylish Watch

    Getting a watch for your mum is always a good option. A Titan Raga would be the best option. But you may also go for Casio, Timex, Fastrack. Aldo and Accessorize are there but they don’t have those kind of designs which your mom might want.

  • Some Statement Jewelry

    Of course, you can buy her a diamond or gold jewelry. But, recently statement jewelry has been in trend. There are so many options like neck-piece, bracelet, bangles, earring, anklets, rind and what not. You can also buy it online from jabong, myntra, Amazon, Ajio and blingbag.

  • A Pair of Comfy Shoes

    As I said earlier, feet are what suffer the most with a hectic schedule. Get her a pair of comfy shoes like Crocs, Aerosoles, sporty mules or shiny sneakers. You can also buy her sport shoes and encourage her to start doing workout.

  • A Bag

    A bag is what all women need.Get her a beautiful Potli bag, a Satchel bag, a clutch or a tote. Brands like Baggit, Accessorize, holii, Lavie, Caprese, Austin reed would do. Make sure its durable and has better number of pockets otherwise your mom’s gonna be angry 😀

  • Red Roses

    This is particularly for a special occasion. If you want your Dad to buy her red roses and he is too shy to do it. No worries, surprise her with a bunch of red roses and see her giggle. I have also done this for my Mom.

  • A Promise
    A promise t give her time, to care for her matters. In this new age era of social media and hustle, we really forget to take time out for parents. Our parents need us, make them a priority in your life.

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