Do not tempt a Lion’s fury

Do you know what I call myself in my head?
“A warrior”.

I just identified sometime back that core of my personality is courage. Not only I want to do great things but I am born to do it.

Some people underestimate me. They think they will be able to find my weakness through my blog. Which actually means that I am so strong that I need to be studied to find out my weaknesses. Well, I am going to take this as a compliment. 

I became strong even before I started writing. It takes courage to go public on social media, it takes more courage to start a blog, it takes more courage to work on 2 passions at a time, it takes more courage to open your heart to write, it takes even more courage to dedicate your life to a selfless purpose.

Everyday I bring more courage in myself than yesterday. Call me whatever. I never give up.

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