Let your light shine

Inspired by Lisa Nicols.

When you start shining in your authenticity. Some people start to admire you, but some people try to steal your shine. Like they try to paint the bulb black so it’s 70 Watts shine reduces to 40 Watts shine. But what if you keep turning it up to 100W then 200W. They are going to be like “oh, it’s too bright, it’s too bright, turn it down”. But when you don’t turn it down, they change their way.

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MSM Box November 2016 | Review


What is MSM Box

MSM box is an online beauty products retailer. Check out their website msmbox.com. They also offer monthly beauty subscription services like MSM Express box and MSM Select Box. Basically they offer a different themed box every month which has some beauty, skin care, hair care or makeup products. Hence, you can just order the box if you like the theme and save yourself from hustle of choosing products. Not to forget, they provide full size products as well as deluxe sized samples in the box. Including samples in the box reduces its cost and you get products worth double the cost or even higher. Isn’t it exciting, it will be a gift to you from you. 🙂

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