Sharing my experience with mother Gaia

Sharing my experience with mother Gaia.

Yesterday when I was doing cord-cutting, I decided to it for more people.

Sometimes what people do to you, is not forgivable, there’s no spiritual bypassing for that. Suppose someone does a crime, how can you justify, that it had a purpose? So those kind of things are only to forget and let go, some things are so shitty that it can’t be healed, it does not come in the criteria of healing. So that kind of things you just need to let go, you should not try to pick your wounds again and again by trying to heal it, when there is nothing to heal.

So I tried to do the same, one single person who I could not forgive but just let go. Cutting cords was getting painful and there were too many cords.

I have mastered meditation now, so with the cord-cutting meditation, I had called in on all my spirit guides and mother Gaia as well. I did a combination of white light meditation as well as grounding meditation. So mother Gaia was present. I did set an intention to not include her in cord-cutting, but they always care for us.

When I was feeling hurt because of the cord-cutting, mother Gaia held me in her arms and calmed me down and gave me strength. I could finally complete the cord-cutting. I kept thanking her and archangel Michael the whole day.

Mother Gaia’s energy is so loving, motherly and comforting to your soul. Monther is nothing but mother mature, all Empaths are in touch with her. This interaction with her made me realise I am an Earth angle too. All divine energies keep showing themselves to me one by one to make me believe in them, myself and my life. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days. It is also related to the Lionsgate portal, this time brings such angelic experiences for starseeds specially Sirians. I had started getting some messages related to Gaia through tarot for last few days.

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