When humanity becomes so unconscious that angelic/pure souls have to come here to help them. They even try to take out their own pain on pure souls. The ones who came here to help, are abused here. I mean all of us Lightworkers could have stayed there in a place, where all souls are awake, joyful and happy. Free thinkers are made to suffer here, because they are not as limited as others, so they try to limit us.

Everyone who comes to me attracted by the light, the lightworker energy, they try to project their wounds on me. I watch and say nothing, because I somewhere feel bad for them, someone who is not even at the first stage of healing, of accepting what their wounds are. I can’t tell them that it’s not my wound, I am in my complete power and the wound is their own. I stay silent because I know more, more than they think I know. And they still think I am the crazy one.

Sometimes I question, did I really have to come here to help, those who do not even try to be deserving to get that help. And then I again only feel bad for them, that this is the lowest level they could be at and so I make a choice to stay here and keep helping. People don’t know one thing that starseeds can break the contract with the universe any time of coming here and go back to where they belong. They only stay here to absorb the pain & darkness present here and transmute it into the light.

When someone tries to make me cry, to take their own stuff out on me. I say nothing. I watch, I watch.
I watch everything happen and my heart cries to see them in pain everytime but I say nothing. I watch, I watch.

P.S. My third eye chakra has been activated for quite sometime, and now my Clair-cognizance is coming into fruition ( psychic knowing). It’s tough to see all the pain, I always did see it, now it’s more clear.

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I am a Psychic | talking about my Psychic abilities

Lightworkers are here to be a vessel of light, strategically placed all over the globe to anchor light. It also comes with a lot of troubles. You have to show light to the darkness around you. You also have to fight the darkness within you ( shadow work).

This is why a lot of us Lightworkers, are scapegoated everywhere because we bring light to the truth, we speak the truth. Wherever I have been, school, college, training, jobs, friend groups, if there is someone to be scapegoated, it’s always me.

Because I can’t just sit there and see something wrong happen, nor can I conform to the social conditioning. This triggers people, actually, it’s more than that, I injure their egos and they start scapegoating me.

Scapegoating means you are always blamed for whatever bad happens, cornered, isolated, gossiped about, made to feel like you are the problem. Everyone wants to dump their shit on you ( rejected parts of themselves). So that they can tell themselves, that the shifting stuff is your not theirs.

The only reason I got abused is that I show people their shit stuff that they need to deal with.

Had to fight a lot, all Lightworkers have to. But then the universe also blesses us with some gifts to protect ourselves. When one starts raising their consciousness, their spiritual gifts start to open up. Universe wants to protect us by showing the truth of deceptive/manipulative people.

From 2018, I started feeling energies. Also started knowing some things and what’s happening in the background in those abuse scenarios. In 2019, just in the last 6-7 months I also started hearing.

Yes, I have psychic abilities, they started activating to protect me, when I was fighting with so much hostility all around. I slowly learnt to trust my intuition in the turmoil.

It’s nothing like some X-Men movie, it’s just intuition. I was quite psychic in my childhood. But I shut it down, blaming myself for something, out of my innocence, that had nothing to do with me.

There are four types of psychic abilities.

  • Clairvoyance (intuitive seeing)
  • Clair-cognizance ( intuitive knowing)
  • Clair-sentience (intuitive feeling)
  • Clair-audience (intuitive hearing)

Being an empath, I am a Clairsentient, I started discerning between energies that I absorbed. Now I have kind of mastered it.

My Clair-audience is the most strong one, out of them all. It developed over time while fighting with abuse, same with my claircognizance.

Clair-voyance is there but in a more visual way, for me. I learnt to discern between the behaviours of people.

I don’t like to use them all the time, I try to keep it off and don’t try to observe people all the time. But messages do come up through these mediums, whenever I need protection.

So I am an Engineer turned Psychic!! 😂

It was difficult in starting to move towards these things from science. These things are more about just believing. But I started seeing the results, I knew it works.

I always felt like an outcast, the odd one out. So when I found the reason why, I could not do anything else but feel glad that now I know the reason. I learnt that I am a misfit for a reason, started appreciating myself and stopped dimming my light.

Scapegoating stops when Lightworkers learn to show light to the darkness around, have boundaries and not take anyone else’s projections, but to revert back the responsibility of dealing with their shadow, to other people.

In the last 4 months, after leaving the job. I have been able to focus and work more on these gifts. It also helps me to connect with higher energies and access higher wisdom, whenever I have questions.

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