Delicious Pancakes for Saturday breakfast

Pancakes πŸ₯ž πŸ₯žπŸ₯ž

Made it using @bettycrockerindia pancake mix. I like it with a lot of banana and honey. Added cinnamon powder and blueberry jam for richness.

This is such a wholesome food, don’t need to go out for breakfasts, have amazing food at home.

I do enjoy English Breakfasts for some reason. What is your favourite for breakfast?

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How to deal with Depression

When someone is in depression, the first thing they need to do is get their physical health in good condition. Physical and mental health are related to each other. Here I want to talk about some common things, adding negative effects of alcohol and the importance of going for the therapy.

  1. You need to leave any type of alcohol, drugs or addictions.
  2. Have a healthy sleep pattern, listen to calming music.
  3. Start exercising, meditating, meditation can also help you with grief.
  4. Avoid unhealthy eating habits like too much sugar, too much oil. Hormones which affect feelings of happiness and sadness, go into balance because of depression, and when you don’t eat right it further increases the problem. You can start having an issue like diabetes, thyroid, which further causes hormonal imbalances and that’s how depression becomes a difficult ailment to deal with.
  5. Make a gratitude list every day, this helps you stop feeling as if life’s no good.
  6. Have daily positive affirmations about yourself.
  7. Talk to a friend, share your issues with your family. I know some people are actually insensitive enough to not understand your condition and that’s what scares you. But it doesn’t mean there are no people who know what listening to shame means. Learn to talk to the right people about your problems.
  8. Journaling, write down your thoughts every day. Once it’s out on paper, it’s out of your mind too. You don’t have to think the same thing over and over again.
  9. Get fresh air, travel, take a vacation for yourself, sometimes watch refreshing movies, relax.
  10. Have some hobbies to keep yourself busy and relaxed, or do something you love to make yourself happy.
  11. Focus on self-care and self-love.
  12. When you are in depression, you can lose a sense of boundaries, some people become exploitative and some become suppressed. So have a clear mind about what behaviours you want to have and what behaviours you don’t.
  13. Get a regular health check if possible, sometimes multivitamins can help. When I started changing my eating habits, my body was resisting so having multivitamins only for 20 days helped me a lot. I could feel the difference in my health.
  14. Don’t try to escape your problems, with too much work, too much alcohol, too much gaming, too much dating, too many movies, too many desserts, toxic positivity etc.
  15. Last but not least, get a therapist. Therapy really helps you identify your issues and work through them. A listening counsellor can actually help you with your shadow work. You do not need to worry about how they will treat you, it’s a therapist’s job to make you feel comfortable to talk about your problems. They do it gradually over sessions, slowly trying to help you see your problems, just like peeling layers of an Onion, one by one.

In psychology, there is a term “transference”. When you talk to a therapist, even surround yourself with wise people. You learn emotionally healthy behaviours, setting boundaries and decision making through how they deal with their problems. That’s why getting therapy always works. You learn a lot of rational thinking behaviours from your therapist too. Choose a good therapist, you can easily search online and find a therapist with good ratings. A right therapist will try their best to not put you on unnecessary medicines.

Some people are unaware but depressed for their whole life, because they were never taught – how to regulate their emotions and thoughts. May be these facts will help you understand the importance of having good emotional intelligence.

P.S. I was dealing with depression myself, till a few months back. And I tried to share everything that I learnt with my depression. Please give it a read and share across. If not you, someone around you could be dealing with it. Awareness is all it takes.

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An educated empath is a Narcissist’s worst Nightmare

Did you think empaths have to be scared of Narcissists? It can be the other way around, once the Empath learns their worth.

When empaths learn to love themselves, their self-worth, to discern between fear and intuition, to trust their intuition, to set boundaries and educate themselves over the same single pattern all the Narcissist use every time, they become empowered.

Start your journey today and in some months you will learn to set boundaries, that will itself save you from a lot of Narcs. Psychologists use the term “supply” for a Narcissist’s victims. A good supply is someone who helps the Narcissist inflate his/her ego, gives them validation that they need and lets them have control. If you know how to set boundaries, you will fail a Narcissist as a supply, in the starting few interactions.

Narcissists want to manipulate everyone to feed on their insecurities, so they observe the victim in starting stages of the relationship, that’s the love bombing stage. They will show themselves as the gratified immensely good person they are and how the world is always bad to them. An educated empath in turn, also observes the Narcissist in these starting stages.

If you learn to use your intuition right way and trust it, it will always protect you. I am an intuitive person too, my intuition always tries to tell me something whenever I need protection and I utilise my intuition.

If you educate yourself on Narcissism and your own behaviours that keep you stuck with Narcissists, you will soon learn to come out of the toxic cycle faster with less drama. All Narcissists are scared of being shown the mirror, of their false self-image being broken and educated empaths can do it. Show a Narcissist how inflated their ego is, and they are nowhere close to what they think of themselves.

Using boundaries, you learn to show a Narcissist that all the good qualities they see in themselves are yours, and all the insecurities that they try to project on you to harm your self-worth and keep you stuck in that fog, are all his/her insecurities.

The Narcissist then discards the supply and moves on to a new victim. If you don’t do this, they will anyways discard you after sucking you dry out of the love for yourself, when they have completely ruined you and stolen your identity, they leave, you are not useful to them anymore. They will leave you completely broken & shattered, when you are looking up to them, hoping that they will change. But they don’t change, they know you have sensed that they are not what they were pretending to be, so they leave. They give themselves excuse by saying that you are not as good, positive, energetic person now as they thought you were. Soon you will be out of sight – out of life for them like you never existed for them.

By having boundaries, you can instantly become Narc-repellent. Also, self-love is the only cure to Narcissistic abuse, one day you reach that level of self-love that your happiness comes first than the Narcissist’s, and you become an empowered empath.

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Nature is like life-sauce for Empaths

Life-sauce β˜˜οΈπŸπŸ€
It’s true for everyone, but Empaths. They get their boost from earth.

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How to Thrive from Abuse | For Empaths

This is a series of posts that I published on my Facebook page earlier. These are same video channels and concepts that helped me while I was dealing with abusers, coming out of it and healing. I will be happy if it can help even one person out there, because I know how horrible it makes you feel. Please bear with me if the writing is not that high quality in this post, because my focus is only on sharing the knowledge. It is mostly for sensitive people, codependents or Empaths, to learn how to deal with Narcissists or Narcissistic people. This process may take several months, go through each point one by one, I think to go through each of the YouTube channels week by week would be better.

1. Learn to speak up right

Let’s start our training with first being a pro at communication at work.
Dan O Connor’s YouTube channel is the best for that. Sometimes I wonder why this guy is not super popular yet. Really good at this work.

So to save you from any kind of issues, conflicts and bullying you need to be most professional, not including your personal life at work saves you from a lot of shit.

I used to not have boundaries and hence an open person, so personal stuff goes out and troubles come in. Sometimes I was closed off but my blog did the work of revealing my personal life. Learn to keep your communication straight, so people know you can not be marked as an easy target.

About me, I am good. I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and I know how to deal with things. People know I’m not be messed up with anymore. About work, juggling two things at a time does create problems, but it becomes more if you work in a toxic environment. India it’s more, because people don’t want to kind their own work. Always choose the right company with right environment for yourself.

P.S. Indian corporate system could be improved like anything, if we all had professional communication trainings as a part of our studies or workshops. If everyone works on these things, there will be noone to taken as target and no one who is a bully. Because everyone knows the right ethical way to work. This could make everyone so productive. Yes, bullies with any kind of psychological problems can also be trained for regulated/controlled behaviour.

2. How to deal with toxic people

This is the method to Taichi away a toxic argument with any abusive person.

You can do this for the other person also, sometimes even Narcissists go into decompensating state, not arguing but highly unstable state, mostly after you show them the mirror. I used to repeat pure, loveful, peaceful, strong and powerful soul for them too. Without giving away my power, I could sometimes calm down the other person also. Why to pray for an abusive person? It’s beneficial for both people in the situation, plus you are only earning some good Karma.

I use one more technique, which I learnt from Brahmakumaris, if you know Rajyoga, it’s pretty easy. Imagine yourself as a point of light in your forehead between the eyebrows, and repeat I am a pure loveful peaceful soul.

I love Meredith Miller’s channel, learnt quite a few things from here. Her work is simple and easy to understand, plus doesn’t get you addicted to binge-watching videos on Narcissism. Her content is always on point.

3. Let’s make it a bit lighter

I love Sacha Slone’s all videos.. she is awesome, makes it so light-hearted. When I was being abused watching her videos was always kinda making me happy again. She always reminds that you have power in all situations and to not give your power away. After all, an educated empath is a Narcissist’s biggest nightmare.
Yup, I am saying that I am the biggest nightmare in some people’s life, even after being a lightworker. Coz that’s what I am meant to be, I show them the mirror they don’t want to see. What else could bring the change?

I remember one video about “how to have fun with your Narcissist”. Don’t try it if you know that it could bring you more trouble if backfired. But I did try to test if my perception of someone being a Narcissist is correct or not… it worked. After facing so many Narcs it’s not that difficult for me to figure out who is who.. and since I have healthy boundaries now, some toxic people who want to put in the effort, I still do talk to them. Because I set clear expectations like if they do this or that, I will not take it and it will be over. That’s what I mean by training a toxic person to have the right behaviour towards me.

“You always teach people how to treat you, by how you treat yourself.” Don’t let people treat you like shit, don’t reward the behaviour, otherwise they create a perception that you are meant to be treated like this.

Just always respect yourself first, always love yourself first. Set boundaries, don’t give your power away. Don’t keep accepting wrong behaviour from people just to avoid confrontation or to avoid hurting someone.

This video is about how Narcissists make themselves look like a victim. Because actually they do twist the reality in their head, that’s what their disorder is all about. Even intelligent people can get fooled, because they cannot sense the lies. How can you catch the lie, if the other person believed it’s actually true. So Narcissist go around, smearing about you to everyone, that you are a bad person. And then you see the backlash from everyone, not only the Narcissist, without knowing what happened. Hence Narcissistic abuse don’t always come from only one person. But actually from a group of people. Which is called scapegoating, I was scapegoated hell lot of times, being lightworker. Scapegoating means to project insecurities of everyone of a group on a single person.

I put this video intentionally so people realise what I was facing who were in the dynamic of being turned against me by a Narcissist. Everyone must have heard that I am fake, when I am not.

4. Work on your fears

After working on all the things in my life, changing perspective about my career, my relationships, my health. Coming out of depression when all the problems were finally over. This was the last fear that I had to face.

This is from Candace van Del’s channel. I love all of her videos. When it comes to working on fears, you may generally be thinking about the fear of failure, rejection or betrayal. But there so many fears that anyone can have at the subconscious level. So here’s a list of few :
Fear of abandoned, fear of being trapped, fear of not being heard, not being seen, fear of annihilation, fear of death, fear of rejection, fear of betrayal, fear of the unknown, fear of being different, fear of being called crazy, fear of being misunderstood, fear of being judged, fear of being laughed at. And the last one fear of abandonment and enmeshment.

I knew and understood everything how my subconscious programming made me to hide my authentic self. But I was still scared to show the real me to the world. I had a fear of –
“If I show the original me, will I have to loose all the people in my life who I love. But if I don’t do that then I will have to keep living the same old life and it would suffocate me again”

Sit was more like fear of being left out in the cold for shining my light. So I understood how my mind is trying to trick me to not step into the greater possibilities out of fear. And I chose to work through it. And I feel everyone can see the change in me.

Conclusion- only way to work on fears is to just identify that this is a kind of fear that I have. After you address it. It will still come out the next time you face the same situation, but you will tell yourself that “no, this is just a fear. I want to do new things and explore, with hope.” That’s all you need to do and you will notice the fear itself will leave after one or two strikes.

5. Empaths in Recovery

This guy’s channel is great for recovering empaths..

This was the only place where I learnt how my nervous system needs to calm down first and then my mind can.

Just recommending it for any Empaths or highly sensitive people.

6. Codependency recovery & Self-love abundance

So if you have been following the last 5 posts. Now you would be at the right state of mind to learn about this one. Ross Rosenberg has created a definite approach for codependency recovery.

What is codependency? If you are an empath, there might be a slight chance that you also deal with this. It’s more like a trait, not a disorder. It’s just that you depend on other people’s opinion of you, you choose to be with abusive people than being alone, people-pleasing, always keep others above yourself on the priority list.

This happens because most of the empaths, do not have boundaries. And because of their empathy, they think other people are also as good as them. But that’s not the reality, abusive/toxic people use your Empathy against you to manipulate you. And day by day they hit at your self-respect, self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence. So if you do not learn to love yourself first, being an empath you are always going to get stuck in this dynamic. This is why Empaths attract Narcissists around them, once you are healed Narcissists can still come around. But their behaviour will piss you off quite fast, you cannot stand someone stepping on your boundaries.

Empaths can be of three types healthy, codependent or proud helpers (Abdul Saab’s channel). The proud helper has a good probability to move towards codependency. When I started learning about spirituality, empathy all these things, I made helping people my purpose, which still is. But I did not do it the right way, so I moved towards codependency. Then I had to cut off all those people who were toxic and had to set boundaries, learn to say NO again, learn to keep myself first be again. Kept practising this and I was out of depression too. The process took only 4-5 months (not 1-1.5 years as mentioned in the video, I feel you can transform very fast when you are spiritual, or maybe the psychologist just wanted to keep the timeline very general) to make myself better and later all was just gaining my complete confidence back.

Including this channel with all other video channels that I have shared, will do the work. You will have a complete guide to recover from any type of issues, especially if you are a sensitive person.

It is very useful content, quite useful for Indians, as in India we treat codependency as a value. Which should not be the case, it doesn’t bring you happiness. When you move from self-love deficiency to self-love abundance, you heal, you become happy, you enjoy mutual relationships and live a happy life. You stop caring about anyone else is going to think, all you think about is what makes you happy. ☺️

P.S. I am proud to say that I am a healed & empowered empath. We are called super empaths & we know how to use our gifts for humanity.

This was the first series, I will probably add one more on confidence coaching & self-love on how to become confident again after abuse.

Thank you for reading it till the end. If you have any queries, let me know in the comment section.

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Deepika Padukone’s Red Lipstick makeup look

When I do makeup after a long time.. happy me.. Adding all product details below for the makeup look that I posted last week.
I tried to recreate Deepika Padukone’s red lipstick makeup look. If you like it, please like share and follow my blog. Do let me know in the comment section if you want me to recreate a particular makeup look coz I have a whole stash of unused makeup and wanna get creative now..

Face Toner – Tea tree toner homemade (I make)

Face cream – the Body shop vitamin E moisturiser Day cream

Foundation – Maybelline dream Satin Skin B4

Primer – Bodiography Foundation primer clear

Concealer – LA Girl Pro conceal HD Creamy Beige

Contour – Makeup obsession contour cream C019 medium

Bronzer – LA girl Velvet bronzer contour stick

Blush – Maybelline cheeky Blush cinnamon

Lipstick – Maybelline Scarlett Red + Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless mouse burgundy lush

Highlighter – Sivanna shimmer brick 02

Fan Brush for highlighter – Ali express

Kajal – Nykaa black magic Gel eyeliner

Mascara – Miniso two way mascara

Eyebrows – Sugar Arch arrival brow definer 01jerry brown + Maybelline Fashion brow cream Pencil grey

Eyeshadow – Sugar eyeshadow quad + makeup revolution blush palette + Sivanna shimmer brick

eyeshadow brush – Ximiso fluffy eyeshadow blender brush + wet & wild eyeshadow brush

If you are in Bangalore and require a make-up artist to doll up for a college or office party, date night, a friend’s wedding or any big day, you can contact me. Just DM me with your details and I will get back to you. I am going to do it for reasonable prices.

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You can choose to be A Victim, A Voice or An Inspiring Story

Soften your heart..

It’s going to make your heart feel heavy. But everyone needs to realise this.

In the life of hustle, we harden our hearts so much that we forget the meaning of life, the meaning of love.

Everyone just wants to be on top, wants to put others down to make themselves better. Our society has been it’s own enemy while setting the norms of perfection, comparison and success. People don’t realise what they do to just satisfy their ego, can create endless pain for someone. There is a need to soften everyone’s heart, it’s not like it’s not in them. When you travel, spend alone time with nature, don’t you feel those quality of your loving soul. It’s in everyone but has been submerged by our lifestyles.

There is another type of people on the spectrum, those who have been through pain and understand the meaning of pain, not wanting to see anyone to go through same pain. This is the empathy which life teaches us, it tries everyday but only some learn. Is it that difficult to understand what it means to lose a loved one. Even after living through so much, some people choose to bring light in someone else’s life.

And those who suffer, don’t think of ending your life, get support, get counseling, choose to be heard. It doesn’t make you less, it shows you are more stronger than your problems. You can choose to be a victim, a voice or an inspiring story. Choose the right option.

People suicide when they experience pain on such level, that they feel it’s easier to end life than live in that void, that sadness and helplessness.

Everyone of you can choose to do your part to save more lives. You can do it by not demeaning others to make yourself better, learn to self-reflect and self descipline. You can do it by being a listening ear to someone who is finding themselves helpless with no shoulder to cry on. You can do it by spending time with your loved ones and being open to listening shame if they have something to talk about. You can do it by spreading awareness of how one’s behavior can be harmful to others.

And most importantly you can do it by learning to love yourself in every situation, when you love yourself, nor there is a need to suppress yourself, nor something can hurt you this badly, nor you have a need to suppress someone else, nor there is fear in reaching out for help, and you are always ready to teach others how to love themselves.

Kudos to those who chose to reach our for help and their families who stick through the pain with them.

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Change for a better life

It’s 21st century and in the hustle of this busy life, we have all lost the kid inside us, our purity, love and kindness.

The only thing every human being wants is not money, not fame, but only inner peace and happiness. To be happy you need to love yourself first. For that you need to understand that you should not seek love, in fact you should be love.

1. Love yourself

Nothing can be more attractive when you love yourself. Love spreads like fragrance of a perfume. When you love yourself, you become that perfume. You don’t need to put efforts to love anyone then. It just spreads in form of good vibes.

2. Learn to forgive yourself

After all you are a human being, everyone makes mistakes. Don’t be a victim of your own guilt. You are here on earth to live and learn like everyone else. As far as you keep learning from your mistakes and never repeat them, it’s fine. First, you need to free yourself from any guilt then only you can be a happy soul and spread love

3. Come what may

Don’t be scared of obstacles, understand that is the path. It’s life, and it’s full of problems, everyday you have to face a new problem. But no problem is bigger than you. Don’t stop working, look at the solutions, not at the problem and one day you will achieve your goals.

What’s in the way, is the way”

4. Surround yourself with more people like you

It’s a scientific fact that everyone’s personality is affected by the 5 people, they spend most of their time with. Be it your family or friends or people at work. Your personality is going to be affected by them. Be positive within yourself and also surround yourself with more positive people.

You can’t change a person from negative to positive, the more you try, the weaker you become. The world is already full of negative people, at least you need to stay positive and calm.

5. Happiness is an inside job

Don’t depend on anything external to make you happy. Neither achievements, nor money or a person should be a reason for your happiness. Always focus on your inner peace.

6. Connect with nature

To do anything in life, you need energy. Only nature can give you that energy. Take early morning walks, watch sun sets, sit in a garden, water the plants, go travelling, take deep breaths in fresh air. Boost yourself up with positive energy.

7. Take control of your life

No one else than you knows where you stand in your life and your goals. Analyse and take action on your own. Listen to others but don’t follow them. Choose your priorities and act accordingly. People love to stop you from doing something they would do. At the same time they would underestimate your potential and tell you not to take a stand. Later on those are the people who will admire you for taking a stand. i.e. It’s only you who gets to choose your path, after all it’s your life.

8. Be active

A healthy body means healthy mind and leads a happy life. Go for morning walks, cycling or gym everyday. Try to eat healthy and drink water regularly. Do meditations, Yoga or workout whichever you like.

9. Read and learn

Learning never stops, at any age. Reading helps you learn about new aspects of life. It makes you smarter, reduces stress, helps prioritize goals.

10. Put time into your relationships

Always keep your emotional connections on priority like your family, partner and then friends. Those are the people who stand by you in your good times and bad times. They are your support system and you are their support system. Love makes everyone happy.

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