How does cord cutting work | Healing

I keep mentioning about cord cutting, so I thought of explaining how it works.

You can meditate on your own or choose a guided meditation. Guided meditations are mostly about cutting the cord, but some people suggest to do a cord removal and not to just cut it. So I usually take guided meditations and add my own steps in it.

What’s a chord?
Whoever you interact with, leaves energy in your body, to be specific your chakras. There are 7 chakras, each symbolises a different energy. So suppose if someone hurt you, that created an energy imbalance in your heart chakram so every emotional trauma is ultimately stored in your body. If someone oppressed you, that’s in throat chakra. If someone tried to manipulate reality and told what your intuition says is not true, it goes into third eye chakra. Gaslighting affects base chakra. If someone doubted your potential, that goes into sacral chakra. And many more, mostly in the lower 6th chakra, 7th chakra is connected to your soul’s higher self, it’s not about other people.

So when you do energy clearing with a particular person, you are trying to remove attachment traumas, wounds or negative energies related to them. For every person you will find that different chakras have been affected. You can feel a tingly feeling or pain in that chakra. Those chakras are having chords to this person, you have to heal it. I usually had 2-3 chakra related to each person.

You imagine yourself surrounded with white healing light asking archangel Michael to do cord cutting ( he is the only angel with a sword, angel of protection). If you want to actually do cord removal, also practice saying ” I forgive you, I love you, please forgive me, I want to end this karmic energy here” or something familiar. Now when you imagine a cord being cut, after that imagine that hole/void & both people being healed with white light.

So cutting cords is only about cutting negative energies with that person, positive energy still remains. Now your relationship with this person could either improve or they would leave. Sometimes Narcissists from your past can sense it, so they come back, but you have to not respond to them one more time. After the cord cutting, you can still have thoughts about that person for few days, but this time it will be resolving your issues and transforming into wisdom.

At a point, I had to cut cords with a lot of people. I have been able to cut cords with more than 10 people in one go ( I remember because I write down all my experiences from meditations. That’s a lot but I am not going to dim my light anymore). Stop, when you start feeling tired. Also, don’t try cord cutting with a twin flame, there are no cords, you are same soul and it’s not going to work and it will hurt more.

Sometimes you will find that there is still some energy left for a person, so do the meditation again. The meditation itself, will reveal more chords to you, with the name of the person it is related to. Sometimes those people won’t even be on your list of toxic relationships. Some people that you have already walked away from, their cords would just be waiting for you to release it.

The reason you find unexpected chords during meditation is because we tend to forget and not realise who manipulated us, but our energy remembers. So your soul will try to reveal it in meditations. You will not find a single negative chord for healthy relationships in your life.

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How do you know if you are energy sensitive?

This one just hit me. It took me a long time to learn that I am sensitive to energies. When I accepted this, it led me to accept that I am an Empath.

I was just writing my diary and feeling exhausted after interacting with other people. Whenever this happens I observe myself if it’s because of other’s energies. I thought of sharing this on my blog because it takes a lot of time (years) to learn how your body responds to energies.

If you are interacting with someone, you are in harmony with, it’s not going to make much difference, but only make you happier. This is why everyone prefers to have positive people in their life.

Next comes when you interact with lower energy/vibration people, it drains your energy too. So for a few hours even after the interaction, I can feel dull, it also gives me slight pain in my lower back, which is not my bones, but a feeling of a muscle tear. That is what happens when you absorb others’ lower energies.

Next level is a psychic attack/energy attack. Don’t take this as some voodoo stuff, it’s very common for empaths. Suppose if you are in a troubling relationship with a toxic person, going through a rough phase, most of the time both people are thinking about each other, so this creates an energetic cord if some negative energy is coming highly directed towards you. You are going to feel it. It feels like a pain in the back area, sometimes up to the neck.

For clearing your energy, you can reduce interactions with negative people, meditate, relaxing music, have healthy foods to keep you in good energy. You can also take relaxing hot water baths, use sage smudging sticks, go outside and have a walk. Walk barefoot on the grass and ground yourself. One simple way is to say, “it’s you energy, not mine”, to detach. Do a 5-minute mediation in the morning to protect yourself with a bubble of white light.

This is why it gets exhausting for empaths to work in toxic environments. If it’s regular, it starts affecting their eating & sleeping habits. Productivity, mental, emotional and physical health.

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