Self love

This is the only difference in a Twin Flame and a karmic. One is all about self-love and the other ends with self-love.

Whether you are in separation or in union, the day your twin flame enters your life, the only thing you do going forward, is teaching each other self-love.

Whether it becomes a romantic relationship or a platonic going forward, they always want the best for you and always show you how to love yourself first.

Ending it with this message. Focus on self love and your twin flame or soulmates, soul family will manifest into reality. Do not focus all your time to find your twin. If you are destined to meet them in this life, you will. Also, not everybody has a twin flame.

This is big misconception that everybody has a twin flame, I feel it started from people who want to earn money by promising you that they can help find your twin flame. No offense to anyone, but not everyone has a twin flame.

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Venn Diagram to explain spirituality

Just my science graduate ass trying to explain spirituality 😅 I made a Venn diagram, I have not done any research but I read a lot online.

15-20% of the population is highly sensitive people and not every highly sensitive person is emotionally and energy sensitive. 10-12% of the entire population is Empaths.

There are some 1,44,000 prophesied original Lightworkers, which makes approx 2% of the world’s current population. Some people believe that 1,44,000 is not a number of Lightworkers but a frequency that they vibrate in. And again not every Empath is a Lightworker.

I did not want to leave people who are not Starseeds but have a life purpose of helping people. So with a little flexibility, I drew two circles, for Lightworkers and Starseeds.

I hope this saves my techies from a lot of confusion.

P.S. Just an attempt to explain the theory, this is not a verified data.

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People don’t get their Karma, they live their Karma

If you ever wonder why bad people don’t get their Karma back. Truth is they are already living with their karma.

The reason they do all those bad deeds unconsciously, their unconsciousness itself is their karma.

Highly unconscious people try to gain power by manipulating or controlling other’s in their life. And they do get it, but deep inside they know that all those people may not love them for their original self. How petty it is to live like that, always wondering if people would love them for their true self. They live in constant pain, still trying to keep everything together by hook or crook, that’s their Karma to live in constant fear of being abandoned.

For the fun part – It’s just a little bit different in my life, being a lightworker I can see everyone’s true self also but I still love them unconditionally. Every soul has love & purity inside but some have forgotten it. When I do that I show them the possibility of what life can be if they change. Kinda like I become their Karma to remember me as an example for their whole life.

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Lightworkers & Jealousy

While writing this post I had one more title in mind -“Life of a person who has never felt jealousy”. Since being a lightworker I have never experienced jealousy.

This is one more reason that I am always focused on my growth and never comparing myself to others. This is a skill that helps me become a better version of myself every day.

In the last three years of working on myself, 2 years went only in accepting that people can get so jealous and do something to harm others. It took me a long time to learn how does it feel to people who can feel jealousy. By the third year, I was already so traumatized that I used to be scared of people getting jealous. Because I just wanted peace, so I started dimming my light. That really put me into so much chaos, felt like God is asking me to stop doing it and then I decided to become my authentic self.

I have seen this whole my life ever since childhood, when I studying for IIT JEE, every time. Some negative people first admire you like anything. And then later they blame you for something stupid or probably enjoy your misfortune. This gives them relief from envy.

This is how big jealousy can get. I meet people every month who are highly jealous and try to trouble me or make fun of me or to traumatize me. They don’t help in time of need and be glad that I am facing some difficulty. This is the effect of jealousy, your soul level goes so low that you can not enjoy other soul being happy.

You can never be happy if you have jealousy in your heart. It burns you from the inside. It took me such a long time to understand all of this because I have never felt jealousy. Never to the point of trying to ruin someone’s life or wishing negative about them. Because I guess being an empath that’s not my nature or maybe because I see the big picture of life or could be because my soul power of purity is quite high relatively ( since I am a lightworker too).

Narcissists also try to make you feel jealous of themselves and others because jealousy is the core emotion they live in. They do it by showing off, trying to make you feel insecure and appreciating/flaunting other people around you. I have faced this so many times, every time I tried to analyse why this negative emotion of lack is rising and what it means, I reached only one conclusion that it’s a manipulation tactic and I didn’t have to do much to burry the emotion, it would just transform. Empaths can generate their own energy and transform the energy directed towards them. The only reason that I felt insecure to even a fraction was because I can absorb other’s energies or their projection upon me, it was never my original self.

Some people who are toxic, still ask me you would have done something, you deserved it, it was your mistake, why would so many people get jealous of only one person. Well I think it’s because probably I am a lightworker and knowing the fact that I got so harmed by others ( Lightworkers are meant to go to dark places, to spread light). Which in turn to a Narcissist will feel like why does she get so much attention from others, that also makes them jealous.

The right answer for why did people get jealous of me, I tried to figure it out for long time, I felt everyone was jealous of different things, but now I know the core. Jealousy is at the soul level, because I am a light being.

It’s not always positive attention that a Narcissist enjoys, but negative too. They want to be either the hero and grandiose or victim of everything, they don’t like someone else shining more than them.

Because I started connecting dots for whole my life, I started feeling like maybe it’s true that I am a lightworker. Since lightworkers have to deal with a lot of shit. Don’t worry my story is good. I always had little breakthroughs in some or the other form because I never gave up.


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You can not save someone from their inner demons

No matter how much you love a person and don’t want to see them in pain, your love cannot save them for their own self.

When I started gaining insight on life, spirituality and psychology as well, I was still not in a calm state of mind, I told a lot of people a lot of truths about themselves. Sometimes unaware when I was explaining them of another person or situation, they used to take it as a criticism on themself and then I learnt about the shadow aspect of mind. I have finally stopped telling people about themselves, I see, I observe but do not offer help without asking, this also makes my life easier.

Some people who were abusive to me, I loved them like anything, tried to encourage them to improve themselves, tried to help them love themselves, but they hated me more and more and went into a lower state. Because if they were ready in the first place to self-reflect and work on themselves, they won’t be roaming around bullying or picking up at good people.

I first learnt to tell people only what they were ready to hear and as I progressed on my journey I learnt to accept them as they are. Always remember when you try to fix others, its because you are trying to derive your sense of self-worth from it, which is never going to work.

Now I don’t expect people around me to change anymore, this brings happiness and interdependence into relationships. Everyone always wants someone who can accept themselves as they are.

The only and biggest lesson I learnt in 3 years is this one. You cannot save others, no matter what. You can only provide support to those who are willing to work on themselves. You can try to encourage them without any expectation because the choice is always going to be theirs.

Yup, some people really hate me hard. As I cannot control my mouth from saying the truth sometimes, only because I care. I would rather be the big sister who shows you the mirror and let you hate me for that , than letting you create more mess in your life.

Thank you for reading it till the end. If you have any queries, let me know in the comment section.

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What you want and what you need is not always the same

Universe or any source of creation/god that you believe in, it always gives you what you need at that time to expand yourself, to experience life to the fullest.

Sometimes we think we want people, friends, love, success, goals, but we don’t get it. When we don’t get it, we ask why? But we only get what is actually required to make us a whole person.

I wanted to start my blog 2 years back, wanted to do exactly what I’m doing right now, but I know if I had started at that time, I won’t have become this confident person that I needed to be, to do what I am doing. Life made me the person I needed to become before I reach my finish line. It was painful but I am always grateful for my experiences. Because they make me, me, the person that I am today. I am happy and grateful and full of joy to explore more about life.

Always remember, if you didn’t get what you wanted, God has something better in store for you. Look at your failures and betrayals as lessons.

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